A Valentine’s Day with a Memory in Mind


First I would like to wish my family and friends a very Happy Valentine’s Day! The symbol that holds this day in high regard is the one I love to create with most often. “Put your heart into everything” is what I always try to do.  The heart gives me the feeling of liveliness, warmth, love, hope and peace.  It is a symbol that stands for comfort, kinda like your favorite comfort food.  Have fun and enjoy the company of who you’re with :)

On another note, it will be a year ago, that we all lost a dear friend of ours, Janet Langella. She was truly a special friend that had a kind heart.  I miss her smile and her optimism.  Her encouragement to others was infinite.   Even looking at  a bag of M&M’s reminds me of the smile she would have when she ate them.  Trips to the beach to find shell’s, and other jewels reminded me of Janet sharing her finds first thing in the morning at school. What an awesome friend! So Janet, here is a creation, in this heart, of where you loved to be the most.
AND Thank you for being a guardian angel to all of us!

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8 Responses

  1. Another beautiful creation by Deb! Thank you for our card, your artwork always brightens up my day! Love you and a Very happy Valentines day to you!

  2. you said it all…I can feel Janet smiling at us right now…and such a beautiful, heART-felt tribute!

  3. I love you Mom! You will always be my favorite Mom…hugs and kisses!

  4. Dear Debby, Thank you so much for creating from your heart in the spirit of my Mom…She loved to create from her heart, as well as my Dad…I feel really fortunate and blessed to be part of the Langella and Cote family…It is a real honor, and thank you again for honoring my Mom. Many blessings…:)

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