Old Glory on a Weathered Foundation

American Flag in Pond

When I go to visit my family in Rochester; I travel Route 125.  It takes me about 45 minutes to arrive at my point of destination.  When driving, I’m observing everything along the road, while listening to my 70’s tunes on my iPhone. I see everything from roadkill to pimped out cars passing me.  I love taking it all in, but the only thing I don’t like is being behind a tractor-trailer, with trash, going 35 miles per hour, when the speed limit is 50, but what this does do, is slow me down to take notice of different landmarks along the way.

There is always one place I pass every time I go to Rochester.  On route 125, in Epping NH, there is a  small, but discreet little pond, that sets off the left side of the road.  In the middle of this small body of water stands an old weathered stump, and on that stump, proudly sits an American flag.  Pretty neat to see a flag in this quaint and inconspicuous place, right?  I thought so!  I wonder sometimes who placed that flag out there. Was it a family member in memory of a son or daughter, or someone from the military? Is it a person grateful he can fish or just have the freedom to paddle around the pond for solitude? Is it because we often see the American flag in the high traffic areas and not the private areas?  I’m not sure of the reason ,but I felt I had to have my camera ready to shoot this area of refuge.  Questions always enter my mind when I pass this place.

We do have many freedoms in this country, unlike other countries. I am very proud of the men and women that fight for our country and give us the freedoms, and beautiful views, we have today.  Don’t get me wrong,  we all have contributions to this great place, whether we are in the military or not, but because I saw this flag,  it inspired me to write this entry and encourage everyone to take the time to look around.   There are always small areas of beauty we can recognize everyday. :)

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing, Debbie. :)

  2. Make the trip more often…lots of stuff to see in this neck of the woods! lol

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