Sunny Pumpkin

A new painting has been born!! Not only did I paint the picture; I picked the pumpkin and the sunflower from my garden! Talk about “Homemade”:)  I am very pleased with this painting and love the colors of fall that show. This was the only pumpkin that had the little knobs on it and of course I had to pick that one to paint.  I know that I could have made it easier on myself by picking a smooth one out of the bunch, but for some reason my brain always wants to challenge me! It seems to happen a lot, but personally I don’t like taking the easy road all the time. Things like this painting help me to think outside of the box. I learned to make little knobs better (there was enough of them!) and I learned what other colors to use other than orange and black. It is neat to see the end result. Enjoy the weekend and Happy Fall!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

I love Halloween and all the miniature candy that this holiday has to offer. I also like the Groucho Marx glasses that I have in the top draw of my desk!  Whenever a student of mine is having a tough day, I just put them on to get them to smile.  Most of the time it works! Groucho was such a crazy and wonderful person. He always brings a smile to my face.

I decided to unwind by creating a Halloween picture.  Of course, I can’t just sit down and watch tv…I always have to be doing something creative or fun.  It’s what an artist does I guess!!! :)

So, if you are going to a party, or  walking with your kids in their cute little Halloween outfits,  be safe, AND most of all have fun!  Happy Halloween to all!

Scarecrow and Pumpkin



Scarecrow and Pumpkin

Bill and I had the opportunity to visit Boothbay Harbor, Maine.   As some of you know, right around this time of year,  its area is absolutely glowing with fall colors!  I’ve added a page to this blog to show you some of the photographs I’ve taken.


Maine is also known for exhibiting art in all mediums.  Most galleries displayed silver jewelry work,  clay or iron statues, and different mediums from watercolors to oils which hung proudly on the gallery walls. As an artist, it was so nice to see what others produce in their workplaces.

It was sad to hear that most businesses were packing up until spring of 2011.  But, if you are ever planning a get away to Boothbay Harbor…it’s worth the wait to smell the fresh salty air and to experience not only the art, but the wonderful ambiance the townspeople have to share!

My Bestest Friend at Winnipesaukee

I took this picture  in the fall at Lake Winnipesaukee.  The weather was gorgeous and the company was outstanding.  My husband and I were out taking pictures for potential paintings. I knew the minute I took this picture that it would turn into a painting. I practice a lot in watercolor and the picture is such a surprise at the end, because I just don’t know where the water will take the color.  

I’m a day late posting this for my husband’s birthday, but I did give him the actual card on his birthday!  Bill, I hope you enjoyed your day and that all your wishes come true. I can’t wait to share many more birthdays with you!  Love you, Debby

Fall = Pumpkins


I love fall and all the different colors it brings! Pumpkins are just another festive way of enjoying the season.  Jack-O-Lanterns are made, flower arrangements are thought of  and the many color they come in are so warm and inviting!  I can’t wait for Thanksgiving! :)

Happy Autumn!

Obie awesome

I love my puppy!!!  ( She’s not really a puppy being 12 years old!) What can I say? She always listens to me, she always knows when I’m not feeling well and she is just a fun puppy to be with! Obie greets everyone at the door with her tail wagging a mile a minute.  She unconditionally accepts anyone who comes her way. 

After many treats and firm directions, I managed to get a fall stance that was awesome for both of us!  I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful qualities of fall before it slips into the next season!

Summer’s Done

I can’t imagine moving around my yard, this state, or my house, without a camera.  I have so much fun snapping shots of uniqueness; things that others, including myself, take for granted.  I guess I have slowed down a bit to notice these temporary moments. With Autumn, the colors are stunning, vibrant and unusual; I call them “Comfort Colors”.  Sunflowers have always been my favorite flower.  They make me smile and stand tall, like they do themselves. There is also a sense of calmness with the pictures I’ve taken below.  Summer has ended…But Autumn has just begun!  Enjoy!

Happy Autumn!

Happy Autumn!

Summer's End



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