A Peaceful Sight at Boothbay Harbor

Peaceful Sight

Another painting finished… I love the ambiance of it all! The  Adirondack chair, flowers and the ocean just calm me down completely.  I wish there were times when I could just jump into the picture and sit in that chair.  I took a picture of this when my husband and I drove to Boothbay Harbor, ME. I knew I would paint it in order to keep the vision of that sight alive.  It was so beautiful to drive along the shore. There are so many cute shops to go through, art shops of course.  Every where you look the creativity just reaches out to its patrons.

This particular picture is a 4×6  pastel painting.  I plan to make copies and cards for my ocean collection.  I hope you enjoy this landscape!

4 thoughts on “A Peaceful Sight at Boothbay Harbor

  1. asmalltowndad

    Wow I can’t believe my artwork inspires you when you already have such an amazing gift, but thanks for saying so. This is a beautifully serene painting, and reminds me of the song by Kenny Chesney “Old Blue Chair“. A place where one can go and meditate and collect thoughts. Beautiful!

    1. debbyfriselladesigns

      Watercolor is a real tough medium to work in for me. I usually stick to pastel painting. I would love to be able to learn the tips and tricks of watercolor. Your pictures come out so sharp! You’ve inspired me to keep trying in order to get that crisp vibrant picture. As for the song “Old Blue Chair”, I love that song, but I also want to paint that very description on the beach sand some day! Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot!

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