The Finished Product, “Sea Trinkets”

Sea-TrinketsAs promised, and a little behind in getting this out, is my finished painting  “Sea Trinkets”! I am so excited to have finished this.  The ocean is my inspiration, but it is also my favorite place to hang no matter what! If you ask me how often I’m at the beach my response would be, ” Count my sea glass, sand dollars and more importantly, my happiness! ” Have a great day everyone! 🙂

13 thoughts on “The Finished Product, “Sea Trinkets”

    1. debbyfriselladesigns

      Thank you Maddy! The bottle was really fun to do and the sea star; believe it or not, was a little challenging to find the right colors and shades. I will definitely know how to do the next star! Thank you for your nice compliment!

    1. debbyfriselladesigns

      I am very happy that you came up with the word “Peaceful” for this picture. Sometimes when I create a painting I may feel one way, but it doesn’t come across the same when someone else experiences my work. My goal is to first love it myself, and then relay that feeling to others. Thank you for your kind words and have a wonderfully artistic day! 🙂

  1. dontchawannadream

    Hi Debby, as a “beach girl”, I couldn’t not comment on this beautiful painting! I just love the bottle and the starfish, and more generally the atmosphere of the scene. I agree with Leslie, it definitely looks peaceful. By the way, I’ve subscribed to your blog!

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