Sunny Pumpkin

A new painting has been born!! Not only did I paint the picture; I picked the pumpkin and the sunflower from my garden! Talk about “Homemade”:)  I am very pleased with this painting and love the colors of fall that show. This was the only pumpkin that had the little knobs on it and of course I had to pick that one to paint.  I know that I could have made it easier on myself by picking a smooth one out of the bunch, but for some reason my brain always wants to challenge me! It seems to happen a lot, but personally I don’t like taking the easy road all the time. Things like this painting help me to think outside of the box. I learned to make little knobs better (there was enough of them!) and I learned what other colors to use other than orange and black. It is neat to see the end result. Enjoy the weekend and Happy Fall!

7 thoughts on “Sunny Pumpkin

  1. KatiesCameraBlog

    I really like this! The knobs on the pumpkin are wonderful, as they give more texture to the painting. And i adore that you got both the pumpkin and sunflower from your garden. Perfect! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Madre

    This looks much better right side up and fully finished! lol You’re right, even in life, those ugly little kobs can teach us something. Congrats on turning them into something beautiful!

  3. lesliepaints

    I like your still life even better for the fact they are from your own garden, Debby. I also like your color choices. The warm and muted oranges, greens and yellows really pass on the feeling of the season, too. Great knobs!

  4. dontchawannadream

    Hi Debby!!! I’ve been so busy when you posted this amazing painting that I missed it. What a shame! I love it. It looks so real and perfect. Plus the colors are beautiful. Bravo.

    I’m so sorry, Debby, I did this Versatile Blogger’s Award thing, and as it’s been a while since your last post, I totally forgot to nominate your blog. But I added it and you are now on the list. You deserve this award!!!! Here’s the link Again, I’m sorry!
    Hope you had a great Halloween!!

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