Pastel and Poetry

Seaside Treasure

A Glimpse in Time

A walk along a sandy beach

with footprints of every size.

The waves move forth to catch the prints,

and bring them back in time.

Odd little pieces of driftwood,

and colored nuggets of glass.

Contribute to my understanding,

through nature’s casual past.

Every granule of sandy beach,

represents a whole of life.

A shell, a bottle, a piece of rock,

or a plank from a ship in plight.

A heart-shaped stone so smooth and weathered,

Can measure the ocean’s caress.

Green seaweed hangs upon the rocks,

As a symbol of duress.

The tide pool is playground,

for crabs and starfish too.

The periwinkles stick around,

to keep the company true.

Nature has its beauty,

in every glimpse you take,

the sea, the shore, the sandy beach,

It gives you inner strength.

Debby Frisella 08/2013




Oh My Head!

So this is what happens when my vacation ends and work starts back up again! 🙂 I had such a wonderful vacation. I did all the things I wanted to do and then some. I spent time with my hubby on the beach just admiring the view and the little trinkets around us. I spent a day with mom having awesome conversations and many laughs. I was able to make some jewelry, paint, and just relax and read. I truly loved my vacation!

About the picture…I have a friend in Maine that has an awesome understanding of plants and how to present its beauty.  She makes her own “Face planters” that show different personalities. These planters hold different types of greenery to give the planters a unique and unruly hairy green affect! Very Cool!  She will be at a  show in Portland ME to show all of her artistic creations.  I would encourage you to check it out on her website. I just had to create the painting above because the planter is so cute! Hopefully spring will come sooner than later.  I personally can’t wait to get my hands dirty!

Lady Luck

              May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door.


There are good ships,
and there are wood ships,
The ships that sail the sea.
But the best ships, are friendships,
And may they always be.

I really liked these toasts!  Here’s to my family, friends and to any Irishmen/women that come across this blog!   As for my picture above…”Lady Luck” was a picture I really enjoyed creating. I’m always looking for 4 leaf clovers in the summer, and of course lady bugs as well. Lets just say, ” I have the luck of nature on my side and that’s a good thing!   Love Debby

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!


red shoes

“Close your eyes and tap your heels three times and think to yourself, “There’s no place like home!” (Quote from the wizard of Oz movie ) I made this card for my niece Tiffani who absolutely loves the Wizard of Oz.  I wish her the happiest birthday ever and that all her wishes come true when her heels come together!  Happy 30th Birthday Tiff!