Out with the Old and In with the New?


Happy New Year  (2013) to Family and Friends!  

I wrote an acrostic of what I thought this coming year should be like for me. Although I haven’t been active in writing on my blog this year; it is my hope to challenge myself to write and create more. Both mediums are very therapeutic to me and balance my life out.

This painting “Weathered” was created a few months ago.  The idea was taken at an antique show in Massachusetts. I was drawn to this setup because of my love for the garden, the ocean and antique accents.   The colors that attracted me to this picture gave me a sense of what has been used in the past, but is very welcomed, for some,  in our lives today. Most of us cherish aged pieces from the past; it gives us comfort and can remind us of situations or people who were once in our lives, (warm fuzzies).  In most instances I can’t agree with the saying “Out with the Old and In with the New”. Some things have emotional ties, maybe an attachment to the past, or just a warm memory you’ve created yourself. It is all in the hands of the individual. So, I will end this with my creative writing piece, enjoy the New Year with lots of love, health and happiness!

My 2013

Happy, Healthy, and Heartfelt

Attitude is everything

Practice patience

Prosper with my creativity

Yes” to a brand new year!

New Beginnings with family and Friends

Every day will be a new gift

Work to make a difference with everyone I see

“You”, my family friends & students, are my sunshine

Energetic for health

Artistic license renewal

Risk taking is a must!


Lady Looking Over the Four-Leaf-Clover

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Be sure to wear green, eat lots of corned beef and cabbage and celebrate cheer with the drink of your choice!

I really enjoyed doing this piece!  It was a painting I did a while back and I still continue to add to my collection of ladybug cards. This piece was done using a bee’s wax method. I drew in my picture, and after used bee’s wax to go over the outline of my drawing. I did all my watercolor painting around the bee’s wax outline, then once I was happy with what I had for colors, I ironed the bee’s wax off by placing the painting between two pieces of paper towel, then ironed off the wax. The white section remained, then I outlined these sections with micron marker. It gives the picture so much character! I also did some stippling to show the shadows in some areas of the picture.  Enjoy the day and the picture! ~ Debby