Lady Looking Over the Four-Leaf-Clover

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Be sure to wear green, eat lots of corned beef and cabbage and celebrate cheer with the drink of your choice!

I really enjoyed doing this piece!  It was a painting I did a while back and I still continue to add to my collection of ladybug cards. This piece was done using a bee’s wax method. I drew in my picture, and after used bee’s wax to go over the outline of my drawing. I did all my watercolor painting around the bee’s wax outline, then once I was happy with what I had for colors, I ironed the bee’s wax off by placing the painting between two pieces of paper towel, then ironed off the wax. The white section remained, then I outlined these sections with micron marker. It gives the picture so much character! I also did some stippling to show the shadows in some areas of the picture.  Enjoy the day and the picture! ~ Debby