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A Little About Me...

Posted on May 04 2023, By: Debby Frisella

I have been creating different types of art since I was a young girl. My mom, being my biggest cheerleader, encouraged me to do just about every boxed craft ranging from, clay work to creating designs in a homemade drawing pad using dime store pencils (which were awesome) and Crayola paint sets. I am very appreciative today that she gave me the opportunity to venture out into the art world. Today, I create from a few genres of art I truly love.


 I found the love of painting with Pastels, leaving me to create nature inspired pastel paintings. I take these paintings and turn them into note cards. It has always been my dream to have my own line of note-cards.  As a teacher, It is my wish to encourage the art of writing too. 


My other love is Silversmithing. It is a “hands-on” art I fell in love with in high school. I learned to design and create pieces reflecting a unique and down-to-earth vibe, but more importantly, silver pieces I’m very proud to wear.  While learning this craft in High School, I was even commissioned, by a young couple, to make wedding bands for their upcoming nuptials!


As you have read, I love working to make original pieces of art; whether it is a pair of cute earrings or just a small painting of an experience I’ve had in my life. More importantly, I love sharing my creativity with all of you!

Debby Frisella